VISION: Revolutionary hospitality leaders creating food, service and design to make epic lasting impressions.


MISSION: To provide adventurous inspiration, creative cultivation and experiential elevation from team to table.


CULTURE: We nourish and cultivate our diverse team through respect, compassion and education. This foundation enables us to provide our signature warm, + deliciously rad guest experience.


F10 Creative is an eclectic, creative + “cheeky” tribe of hospitality kinfolk who have made Palm Springs our home. We’ve traveled the globe + landed in the desert to create the food + drink oasis of our dreams.


Craving sunny vibes and brunch all day? Meet us at Cheeky’s. A midsummer night in Tuscany, pasta-heaped + wine-imbued? Welcome to Birba. The perfect, rosy steak amid glamorous, Old Hollywood environs? Here’s looking at you, Mr. Lyons. A nightcap—or a night out—with a proper cocktail in a moody backbar? Cheers to Seymour’s. Diving into a splashy pool season-weekender in Palm Springs? Sweet dreams at Alcazar, our 34-room hotel. Want to have it all at your doorstep? F10 Catering, at your service.


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