A Palm Springs Story…


Foundation 10 is Cheeky’s, Birba, Mr. Lyons, Seymour’s, F10 Catering + Alcazar

F10 is an eclectic, creative and “cheeky” tribe of hospitality kinfolk who have made Palm Springs our home. We’ve traveled the globe and landed in the desert to create the food and drink oasis of our dreams. Journey through our collection of restaurants/bars (Cheeky’s, Birba, Mr. Lyons, Seymour’s), plus F10 Catering, and Alcazar Palm Springs, our 34-room hotel.


Once upon a time…


10 years ago, Tara Lazar returned home. After a tennis career at UC Berkeley, working in finance in San Francisco, and living abroad in Costa Rica (among myriad adventures), Tara—with her husband Marco in tow—embarked on her biggest adventure yet: coming home to Palm Springs.


It was a simple idea: Create a fun hangout for a homemade breakfast with no fuss, fresh local ingredients, and everything made from scratch. In 2008, the now-infamous Cheeky’s was born. Always an avid eater, born of will-travel-for-food gourmands, Tara began building her small empire of restaurants, bars (and a hotel!) from an endless appetite of cravings, tastes, sights, sounds and colorful spaces found around the globe.


A midsummer night in Tuscany, pasta-heaped and wine-imbued? Welcome to Birba. The perfect, rosy steak amid glamorous, Old Hollywood environs? Here’s looking at you, Mr. Lyons. A nightcap—or a night out—with a proper cocktail in a moody speakeasy? Cheers to Seymour’s. Diving into a splashy pool season-weekender in Palm Springs? Sweet dreams, Alcazar. Want to have it all at your doorstep? F10 Catering, at your service.


Friends near and far gathered from remote corners of the globe to nest in Palm Springs, forming a tight-knit hospitality family. A decade passed in the blink of an eye. From day one to today, each of our places is highly personal, unpretentious, thoughtful, and a bit out-of-the-box (just like us!). Each experience is a dinner party with friends, detailed just the way we like it, with a warmth that feels like home.


Were glad you’re here.